Sing Songs, Bring Sweets

Blogging Hiatus.

Tomorrow, we will be traveling to Southeast Texas to celebrate the life of a magnificent man, Papa Truett. The kids and I will stay with my parents for a couple weeks thereafter, so I’m pausing the blog until Monday, July 13.


We love you very much, Papa Truett!

Summer days.

The days are long, but we find ways to amuse ourselves!




A Rapunzel dress in exchange for the pacifier, which we finally ditched! Hooray! Princesses don’t use pacis :-)

And now, let’s throw toy bowling pins at the door!

Cousins at the beach!

And a great time was had by all!  So happy they were able to play and laugh together!

DSC01180 DSC01192 DSC01193 DSC01199 DSC01206 DSC01207 DSC01217 DSC01229 DSC01230 DSC01237 DSC01238 DSC01241 DSC01251 DSC01252 DSC01257

Stay tuned!

We just returned from a wonderful trip to Port Aransas with Jimmy’s family, so I’ll be posting fun pics tomorrow :-)

Sweet little babies.

I guess they’re more toddlers than babies now, but of course they’ll always be OUR babies :-)





Can you handle the sweetness?




She already seems so grown up sometimes!

Summer playtime.

We had another fun playdate today, which is probably the best way to pass the time during summer.  So thankful for our friends!  Too busy to take pics, though.

I found this article very inspiring…I wish I had the mental energy to write something like this at the end of the day!

Afternoon fun!

Thanks for making the long afternoon/evening so much fun, Gabs!

DSC01139 DSC01140

How many cups of coffee did you drink today?

Two.  One in the morning, and one in the afternoon.  How do you chase toddlers without coffee?

Little Junebugs.


Playing with the coveted princesses before Eliza wakes up!


Peppa Pig in the morning. Less interested in helping with the laundry folding.


Jed refuses to eat in his high chair now…he must eat at the table with Eliza. We’re transitioning to everyone sitting at the same (big) table for meals soon. Who knows–maybe I’ll even be able to join!


Little Ron Burgundy.


Time to journal again!

Today was delightful because__________________.

Jed woke up at 6:00am and snuggled with me until 8:15.  Eliza and I shared a cupcake at Smallcakes.  Jimmy is feeling better.  The rest of us are healthy.  When I do something Eliza disagrees with, she tells me, “That’s ridiculous.”  The days are long, but filled with delightful moments!

No post tonight!

We had a fairly low-key weekend (and Jimmy’s sick), so I don’t have pics to post.  Stay tuned!

Too tired.

So many chores, and I’m really exhausted!  Jed will be getting tubes in his ears next month, though :-)


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