Sing Songs, Bring Sweets


Eliza feels so joyful when she gets home from school!

DSC09337 DSC09338

Sesame Street!

A friend of mine had extra tickets to Sesame Street Live and she invited us to join, so Eliza and I enjoyed an entertaining show this morning!  Another friend created this awesome Elmo bow/hat for her daughters, and she also made one for Eliza:


Have you ever seen anything so cute?!

The show was really fun!  Lots of singing and dancing, as you would expect.  The toddlers had a blast.



Since both children decided to forgo their naps, we spent the afternoon at Brinca.  Apparently, they didn’t get the memo that I would’ve gladly welcomed an afternoon nap for myself.  Good thing Starbucks is conveniently located on the way there!





Time for another haircut!



Just kidding, Mom! I’ll nap in the stroller while you climb up the inflatable slide 14,000 times with Eliza!


It’s a rather blustery day!

We want spring to come!


Keeping warm in the car before we head into school.


Dreary day!

The weather has been cold and rainy, so that means we stayed home today.  This might sound nice and cozy, but our little ones REALLY need to run around and play (preferably outside), as they become quite restless if we don’t go on an adventure. Alas!

So we did a lot of dancing, reading, coloring, roughhousing, singing, and movie-watching.  How to Train Your Dragon is pretty great!  I spent a lot of time cleaning up messes (what else is new?).



Eliza demonstrated one of her favorite pastimes to Jed–climbing in the dryer.  What she failed to take into account, however, is that one of Jed’s favorite pastimes is closing doors.










O sleep where art thou?

Well last night was just terrific.  I made the terrible mistake of allowing Eliza to nap for three hours yesterday, and she was awake and cranky until 1:45AM.  At 2:45, Jed started his shenanigans.  At 6:00, we woke up for the day.  Needless to say, I feel like a zombie.  Here’s hoping tonight will be much, much better!


I thought I was feeling better, and I was for most of today, but this evening my cough and stuffy nose are pretty bad.  Yuck!  Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll have the energy to take some pics.  Eliza and Jed seem to feel ok, thank goodness!

Too tired.

No pics today, but check back tomorrow!  Good news:  everyone is feeling much better!  Frustrating news:  Jed now remembers how awesome it is to wake up for cuddles (what feels like) 35 times per night. Back to cry it out, I guess :-(

JJ in town!

Since we were under the weather for the past few days, JJ came to the rescue and stayed with us for two nights.  It was so wonderful having her here, especially since Jed hadn’t been sleeping well and Jimmy had to work.  Thanks, JJ!  We love you!


DSC09297 DSC09299 DSC09300

DSC09301 DSC09302

Valentine’s party.

What a fun school day!  These little kids are just adorable.  Eliza loves her classmates and teachers so much…she talks about them all the time!  It’s amazing how much they have grown and changed over the course of the school year.



Her sweet little pal “Bib-yen” (Vivienne).

DSC09201 DSC09229







Cute little dangly feet!

DSC09241 DSC09248


They walk in a line now…no more need for the mega stroller.




Jed stayed home with Jimmy since he’s under the weather.  He still has a great attitude, though!



Jed won’t let a little cold get him down!





She enjoyed playing with her Valentine treats after school. Each time she pulled something from the bag, she said, “Ohhh, cute!!”



Too busy.

I’m working on stuff for Eliza’s Valentine party tomorrow, so no time to blog.  Check back tomorrow!


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