Sing Songs, Bring Sweets

Even more progress today!

Slowly but surely, my computer is getting its much-needed cleanup!  I’m going as fast as possible!

Coming along…

I got so much computer cleaning done today!  Yay!  We should be up and running again very soon:-)  Thanks again for hanging in there!

Disk Space :-(

I got the dreaded message–my computer has run out of disk space again.  I can’t upload new pictures/video until I move the old ones to my external hard drive and delete everything, which is a tedious process.  It would make more sense to upload/delete monthly like a responsible person, but alas–it’s not something I ever feel like doing until I have no choice!  Please hang in there with me…I have so many great things to share!

I’ll work on it tomorrow for sure!  Thanks, guys.  Love you!

Our library is magic.


We got to meet a luthier, who shared his methods for making stringed instruments.  Here he is, with one of his dulcimer creations.


A professional violinist was on hand to demonstrate the instruments.  She even played Fiddler on the Roof for us!  


So neat!


This particular book was classifed under “nonfiction.”  See?  The library really is magic.


On the way out, we met a friendly bunny enjoying a snack.  More magic!

Cousin Day!

But first, a little car performance before our drive.  We finished reading Winnie the Pooh (which is hilarious, by the way) a couple of weeks ago, and we’ve been enjoying the music from the Disney movie.  Don’t worry–I adjusted her carseat straps before we drove off.  I know they look loose!


And then…cousin party!  It’s so much fun when they all get together:-)


We thoroughly enjoyed our ride on the golf cart!!  Thanks for having us, Aunt Jessica!

Sweet times.


So glad Dad is finally here for good!  He started his first day of work in Houston today 🙂



The weather outside was gloomy and wet, but we were all smiles because some of our dear friends stopped by!


Searching or art projects.

Silly fun!


She’s just reading away these days!  It’s amazing to behold.


Selfie at the barber shop.


She rediscovered “Docka,” one of her favorite stuffed animals from childhood.


Muddy fun with best friends!


Little church ladies.



“Look, Mom!  I’m a scary clown!”


It’s only July 5th, but they’ve already completed the summer reading program and received medals and prizes.  Woo hoo!  Jed was especially excited to receive his “very first medal!”


A little stroll in our beautiful town.


There’s only one duck in this duck pond, but we still love to visit!

Thanks for hanging in there!

We were out of town this weekend, and we’ve been happily enjoying the fact that Jimmy is here to stay!!  Pictures to come tomorrow!


I’ve been watching our friends’ one and three-year-old girls the past two days so they could get some painting done in their new house, and wow–I’m exhausted!  So that’s why I don’t have much to post right now.  But thanks for staying with me!

Poetry and motion.

Eliza loves to type on my computer, and she was very eager for me to print this:


Her very first piece of poetry (free-verse)!  She typed this completely independently.  I love how she phonetically sounded out “happens” for “happiness.”

It’s so exciting to watch her learn to read and write.  She refuses to let me help, but that’s ok because she does a pretty great job on her own!


Getting some energy out at Pump It Up!



They just keep growing and growing:-)