Sing Songs, Bring Sweets

More from GaGa and Pappy’s house.

Sorry I didn’t blog last night.  Jed stayed up the night before because he had a sudden onset of the croup, which was no fun at all.  Yesterday’s trip to the doctor and pharmacy seems to have done the trick, and he’s feeling much better today.


We finished our very first chapter book, followed by a trip to the movies to see The BFG!  I’m glad GaGa and Pappy were able to experience this exciting outing.  Jed was hilarious.



That’s a lot of lollipops!



Loving on Nana Pat!


Making a lasagna dip with GaGa.

More pics from the trip (and some video) will be uploaded next week…stay tuned:-)

Pappy’s boat.

What a blast at GaGa and Pappy’s house!


Who needs water?!


Oh, boy–they loved hanging out in Pappy’s new boat!


We’re back!

Oh my goodness–we had such a wonderful trip!  A big thank you to my parents and in-laws for spoiling us.  I had so much more leisure time than usual…it was surreal!  And I didn’t have to cook anything for over two weeks!  Bliss.

I’ll be posting pictures from our trip for the rest of this week.  For tonight, I’d like to celebrate the fact that Jimmy and I have arrived at the five year mark!


One of the best days ever.

And this is how we spent this past Saturday:


A little hiatus.

We’ll be doing some traveling for the next couple of weeks, so I’m pausing the  blog until July 18.  We can’t wait to see our fantastic family and friends!  Now I better start packing:-)


This guy’s personality is just HUGE lately.  I love that he speaks in clear sentences now!


Awesome dentist appointment today!

Sweet memories.

I sure am missing one of my favorite ladies on her birthday today:

dsc06283 (1)


Can’t believe a year has already passed since this happy day!

We love and miss you, Ma!


I had to have oral surgery this past Thursday, which was no fun at all.  Luckily, GaGa came to hang out with these little crazies and gave me a much-needed break!



The land of the princesses.

To celebrate the end of a semi-successful swimming lessons run, we took a trip to the “Land of the Princesses” (aka the children’s department of JC Penny).  I think they enjoyed it!





“This is Dada holding Jed.”  -a Father’s Day portrait by Jed


Part of your world.

On Friday evening, GaGa and Pappy joined us at the local theater for a marvelous production of The Little Mermaid!  It was so much fun!!  And we made it to the end of the show!  The kids had more candy that I’d like to admit.

Everything is always better with grandparents:-)

I didn’t get pictures (sorry!), but we also had a wonderful time celebrating Jimmy on Father’s Day.  We brought lunch to him at work, and Eliza was pleased to discover that he works in a tower “just like Elsa.”  “But his tower isn’t sparkly, though.”



Jed singing before the show.


Ariel’s sisters.



Eliza was so excited to meet King Triton, mostly because she wanted to hold “the sparkly stick.”


Time for silly faces.



Jed is squirting soap in the background, which is one of his favorite things to do.


Eliza has been having a hard time with big emotions and tantrums lately, so we made “calm down jars” today.  Notice there is also one for me:-)



Let’s play with 10,000 beads before bedtime!

What a day.

Well Jimmy was so excited because he was able to join us at swim lessons this morning, but Eliza refused to get in the water  :-(

It was a frustrating parenting moment.  I made sure to find a class with an excellent, kind, and very experienced teacher.  One of her good friends is in her class, too.  But she just screamed and cried and refused to get in.  Her scraped knees don’t bother her anymore, but she mentioned something about how “her bandaids feel weird in the water.”  What does that mean?!  It certainly doesn’t mean that she wants me to remove them.  It’s hard to understand three-year-old logic.

If I take the “You’re getting in the water, and I’m putting you in right now” approach, her ceaseless wailing will derail the whole class.  On the other hand, I don’t like to let her get away with this behavior.  Sigh.

I have to remind myself that she’s only three, she’s only three…we’ll try again next week!


Little setback.

Eliza was happily skipping out the door on the way to swimming lessons this morning, when BAM!  She fell and badly skinned both knees😦

She is quite dramatic with very minor bumps and boo boos, so when it’s actually painful, well….let’s just say swimming lessons was a bust today.  I hope tomorrow will be better!



Nothing a little ice cream couldn’t fix.



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