Sing Songs, Bring Sweets

Too many chores tonight!

But I’ll post pics tomorrow :-)


Who’s the cutest 13-month-old?  This guy, of course!

DSC00429 DSC00422 DSC00418 DSC00412 DSC00406

How do we while away the afternoon hours when the backyard is too hot/muddy and screen time is off limits (arbitrarily decided by me)?

With a can of shaving cream in the bathtub!

DSC00443 DSC00454 DSC00464 DSC00465

I think she enjoyed herself!  In case you’re in doubt, just watch this video (the end is the best part):

Books and bananas.

The kids feel fine today!  Yay!


Stomach bug :-(

I forgot to mention last night in the excitement of Jed’s walking, but we have been besieged by a stomach bug for the past few days.  Jimmy and I are mentally and physically exhausted, to say the least! Dealing with sickness and sleeplessness really tests your parenting mettle, that’s for sure!  (I’m sure you seasoned parents are thinking, Ha!  You cannot begin to imagine the tests that await you, young grasshopper!)  

Another unfortunate byproduct of illness is that we are stuck at home until it passes.  Boy howdy, do we get stir-crazy when we can’t leave the house for a couple of days!

Speaking of leaving the house–today was the most convenient time for me to go to the grocery store while Jimmy stayed home with the kids.  Guess what’s really fun?!  Meal planning and grocery shopping with a queasy stomach :-)

Eliza’s tummy has been in revolt, but she is otherwise happy and energetic.  She’s doing much better, but she still can’t tolerate milk.  Seems simple–don’t give her milk, right?  Well….milk is the first thing she asks for when she wakes up in the morning.  And woe betide the household if this request isn’t granted.

So.  much.  screaming.

Jed has experienced similar symptoms, but he also seems to be doing better.  Let’s hope for a good night!  I’m very thankful that it’s only a stomach bug and not a serious illness.  But I still reserve the right to complain about it.

Today’s topic (how apropos):

How many times did you curse today?

I may have said “damn” a couple (million) times.  It’s been one of those days.  I can and will forgive myself while I pray that Eliza didn’t notice.

First steps!

This past weekend, Jed decided it was time to start walking!

It’s both fun and strange to have another human walking around the house.  We are loving it!  Now he can really annoy his sister!

DSC00342 DSC00343 DSC00350 DSC00362 DSC00370 DSC00376 DSC00382 DSC00387 DSC00393

Spring Program!

Sorry I’ve been negligent on the blog pics for the past two nights.  Eliza now asks me to lie down with her after Jed goes to sleep, and I simply can’t decline.  That means less time for nighttime cleaning + blogging, but I’m doing my best :-)

Quick Jed update–his current walking record is eight steps in a row.  Of course, I’m never prepared with the camera.  And he still climbs on EVERYTHING.


He’s so pleased with himself.



I wasn’t quick enough to video, but she was singing a nice mashup (her own composition) of “Part of Your World” and “Let It Go.”




This evening, we attended the Spring Program at her school.  Her class was only onstage for a short time, and their song (“Itsy Bitsy Spider”) was very brief, so I was unable to capture good video.  But she seemed very comfortable and happy up there!




Our neighbor wishing Eliza a good performance!



As usual, he needs a haircut. Why does his hair grow so fast?!


Most of my Jed pics look like this.


Going onstage.


Singing sweetly.



“Hello, ladies.”


It was such a cute performance!  Eliza loves her teachers and friends at school, which makes my heart smile.  I know she’ll miss them this summer!

On an unrelated note, I really want to get back to actually writing stuff on this blog, but I’m just too tired to think at the end of the day!  So I return to that Q&A book I bought awhile back for inspiration.  Today’s topic is:

What’s a political issue that interests you?

Hahaha!  Once upon a time, I watched the news and followed political stuff.  These days, I’m more acquainted with the fictional politicians on House of Cards than real politicians.  I can scarcely name anyone who currently holds office, come to think of it.

Too many chores tonight.


Too tired to post tonight…

Check back tomorrow!

Climbing on everything!

DSC00199 DSC00196 DSC00192 DSC00206


Down in my heart!

Singing in the car after school (until Jed decided he was tired of hearing it)!  There’s a precious little girl named Joy in her class—Eliza probably thinks the song is about her.  Cute regardless!


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