And summer winds down.

by Amy M.

School starts tomorrow!  We had a thoroughly awesome summer, but I’m so glad that things will soon settle back into more of a routine.  I like the structure!  The kids are ready for it, too!  I’m hoping to be able to blog on a more consistent basis once the kids start going to bed earlier.


We got “flocked” by my MOPS group!  the kids thought it was the greatest thing ever.


I love that he’s always willing to take a selfie with me (unlike his sister).


I told them to go get dressed for Meet the Teacher night.  This is the result.  And yes–they wore this to the school.  Pick your battles, right?


You wish you had her style.



The kids had a blast at a ninja-themed birthday on Saturday!


Jed may be the youngest/smallest, but never underestimate him!



He even got to sword fight!  It was such a cool party!


On Sunday afternoon, we attended a production of one of my absolute favorite shows–Fiddler on the Roof!  It was excellent!!  Eliza loved most of it (she got a little antsy toward the end), but Jed loved every minute!  Well, except for the last 10 mins when he fell asleep.  I was so proud of both of them.  The house manager had so many nice things to say about their good behavior!  Thanks also to Jimmy for being such a good sport about my theatre enthusiasm.


She wanted to dress like one of Tevye’s daughters, but she also wanted to wear her favorite (stained) dress.  Again–I’m picking my battles here.


Jed LOVES Tevye, and he was so excited to meet him after the show.



Of course, I tried my best to get them pumped about the show by introducing them to all the music and watching the movie beforehand.  It actually worked pretty well!  It was fun to watch their little faces light up when their favorite songs began.

Eliza loves “Matchmaker” best, and Jed’s favorite is “If I Were a Rich Man,” which is nearly impossible for him to sing.  But he tried his best and insisted on wearing a Tevye costume, complete with homemade hat.  I thought my heart was gonna explode!