We love summer!

by Amy M.

Today, we completed the first session of swim lessons!  I am SO proud of the kids.  Eliza is doing 100% better than last year–she’s so much more confident in the water!  She’s even beginning to learn real swim technique.  Hooray!  As for Jedster–he absolutely LOVES to swim.  In fact, he’s usually underwater during lessons!  They have an excellent teacher, which makes the whole experience that much better.  Looking forward to starting up again on July 3!



My little swimming champion!


Working  on masterpieces during brother’s swim class.


The kids and I are traveling back to GaGa and Pappy’s house tomorrow for two whole weeks, so we celebrated Father’s Day a little early today!  Jimmy really is the best dad in the whole world.  We are REALLY gonna miss him!  He has a pretty intense honey-do list, too…let’s all pray for him.