Thank you.

by Amy M.

I really appreciate your patience.  I’m trying to keep my files very organized and easily accessible, and it’s a tedious process of uploading each folder to my online Dropbox account (which I should’ve started YEARS ago) and sorting by date.  My New Year’s resolution is to complete this process regularly throughout the year so that I won’t have to do it all at once when my computer is full.  I’m so grateful for each of you readers, and I promise I’ll be up and running soon.

This process will be delayed even further because we’ll be making an unexpected trip to my parents’ house for the next few days.  One of my beloved former high school students died in a car accident on Wednesday night, so we’re going back for the funeral.

Every teacher has that special handful of students who are very near and dear to the heart.  David Rodriguez was one of mine.  The world is a sadder place without his kindness, humor, and presence.

Thank you all for understanding.  I’ll update again as soon as possible.

Much love!