What a day.

by Amy M.

Well Jimmy was so excited because he was able to join us at swim lessons this morning, but Eliza refused to get in the water  😦

It was a frustrating parenting moment.  I made sure to find a class with an excellent, kind, and very experienced teacher.  One of her good friends is in her class, too.  But she just screamed and cried and refused to get in.  Her scraped knees don’t bother her anymore, but she mentioned something about how “her bandaids feel weird in the water.”  What does that mean?!  It certainly doesn’t mean that she wants me to remove them.  It’s hard to understand three-year-old logic.

If I take the “You’re getting in the water, and I’m putting you in right now” approach, her ceaseless wailing will derail the whole class.  On the other hand, I don’t like to let her get away with this behavior.  Sigh.

I have to remind myself that she’s only three, she’s only three…we’ll try again next week!