by Amy M.

Jimmy took the kids on fun adventures this afternoon so that I could get some errands done alone.  Yay!  They are getting more independent at Brinca now, so we might be getting to the point where we can relax while they play.  Hooray!

Q:  Are you holding a grudge?  About?

A:  I briefly held a grudge against Jimmy this morning because he slept through the morning’s craziness (it’s his day off).  Why is it so hard to get fed, dressed, and out the door on time?  But then he entertained the kids for the entire afternoon so that I could have some blessed time to myself.  All is forgiven!

My grudges only last for about 15 minutes.  I guess I’ve lived a charmed life, but no one has ever treated me badly enough to compel me to hold on tight to my anger for any length of time.  I fully realize this aspect of my personality will likely change as my kids grow older and experience their own drama.  How could I forgive someone who is mean to my kid?!