by Amy M.

I didn’t take any pics, but the kids had such a fun and busy day!  I took them to MOPS this morning, then Jimmy took them to Brinca to play followed by a trip to the airport to see the airplanes up close!

Q:  Where do you want to travel next?

A:  Traveling anywhere far seems daunting right now, but I’d love to take the kids to England someday!  For now, I’m enjoying the fact that pretty much anywhere feels like an adventure to a one and almost-three-year-old.  For example, they had an incredibly fun time exploring the room at the ENT office.  There was a cool bed to climb on, there were fascinating posters on the wall, there were forbidden medical instruments within eyesight, and the doctor gave them a lollipop after Jed’s ear exam.  Who needs travel?!