Christmas video!

by Amy M.

We love Christmas!

Every time I show the kids this video, Jed excitedly identifies all the people and Eliza politely asks for more presents to open.  When I tell her, “Sorry!  Christmas is over!  No more presents,” she says, “Don’t worry, Jed.  I can open presents on my birthday.”  I guess I can’t argue with that!

This video could have used more editing, but I’ve decided that if I wait around to share video until it’s trimmed perfectly, then it will never happen.  So you’ll just have to deal with it being a little longer than necessary!

I wish I could document every single moment of these precious years!

Enjoy 🙂


Q:  Today you lost ___________.

A:  My temper!  The kids were perfectly well-behaved all day, even at Jed’s ENT checkup.  But they have been ferociously fighting bedtime lately, and around 8:30 I found myself yelling and losing my mind a bit.  I think they realized they crossed a line, and they finally climbed in bed and fell asleep immediately.  I hope they actually stay asleep, unlike the past few nights!