Working on some video…

by Amy M.

I’m in the process of compiling and editing some Christmas video, which I’ll finish over the weekend.  I was hoping to finish it tonight, but both kids are still wide awake (it’s 10:00), so it’s not looking likely.  They always stay up late on days when they nap, which they are required to do at school.  I don’t even make them nap on non-school days anymore because they’ll go to bed much earlier.

The good news is that they’re happy, pleasant, and easy in the evenings, which is especially nice since Jimmy is at work.  We spend lots of time reading, which we all love tremendously.  It’s finally becoming easier lately…they enjoy playing together, and there’s so much less whining and fighting.  I think we’re finally at the point at which we’re reaping the benefits of having them so close together!  At least I hope so!

Q:  You are lucky; how so or not so?

A:  I feel lucky every single day!  We are happy and healthy, and there are so many things to celebrate.  Maybe a better word is blessed…I don’t attribute it to random luck, necessarily.

I associate the word “luck” more with playing slot machines or something.