Christmas Program and Ballet!

by Amy M.

This past Thursday, Eliza and Jed participated in their school Christmas program.  It was so cute!!  Jed’s class doesn’t go on stage yet, but Eliza’s adorable little class did so well!


Walking to the car after school.


And here’s some precious video:



On Saturday morning, Eliza attended her first “real” ballet class at the most esteemed ballet studio in Corpus!  It didn’t go too well…lots of whining.  I’m hoping she’ll do better when we start up again after the winter break.


Eliza’s teacher taking measurements for their recital costumes.  We got to see Miss Heidi perform as the Sugar Plum Fairy!


Sweet Riley is in her class!

On Sunday afternoon, we attended an enchanting performance of The Nutcracker.  It was so much fun!  Eliza was pretty squirmy, but she loved the fighting scenes, the Chinese dance, the Russian dance, and Mother Ginger.  She lost interest during most of the lovely waltz scenes.  We did make it through the whole show, however!



I had to wake her up from a nap to get ready for the show, and she was not happy about it.



It’s about to start!  I’m so excited!