Sorry for the gaps!

by Amy M.

I apologize for my sporadic posting!  I’ve been pretty busy and exhausted lately.  The time change has really messed with the kids’ schedules, and it’s been hard to get them to bed at the same time.  Hopefully, that will improve soon.

Also, please keep Ma in your thoughts and prayers.  She’s been in the hospital four weeks now, and I’ve never gone this long without being able to speak to her.  It’s been really tough.  Fortunately, we were able to make a quick trip to Beaumont this past weekend to see her, and she did respond to the kids’ voices a little.  The kids were excellent in the car, which I’m also very grateful for.


Hanging out in my giant teacher bag.


He sits in the chair all by himself during haircut time!  Poor little guy was attacked by mosquitoes earlier that day.



Ready for a road trip!