by Amy M.

Well Jimmy worked overtime today and didn’t feel well yesterday, so that meant no breaks for me!  I mean, unless you count this afternoon when I went to the dentist to get two fillings.  It felt like a vacation!  And to make things even more fun, our bedtime routine has gone from seamlessly peaceful and easy to completely impossible and chaotic.  Both kids fight bedtime tooth and nail, and it’s become awful.  Eliza has frequently been waking up at night as well.  I don’t understand…I’m not doing anything differently, so I guess we’re experiencing some growing pains.  Any tips?  It’s pretty challenging since Jimmy is at work most evenings, so we can’t tag team.

Despite these challenges, everything else is going well and we’re doing great!  If I ever have a chance to organize and clean up my iPhoto library, I’ll share the kids’ smiling faces with you 🙂