Such a busy time!

by Amy M.

Sorry I didn’t blog last night!  Once the school year started, things began to get super busy.  Jed and Eliza have both been waking up at night, which doesn’t make things any easier.  But we are doing well!

Mother’s Day Out is great so far.  The hardest part of the day is definitely the morning.  Everything seems so rushed and crazy, even when I wake up really early.  I’m hoping it will get easier!



Being a princess can be exhausting.


She loves to play with the toys in my classroom, so much so that she gets really upset when she has to leave and go to her classroom!


Jed’s teacher is a good friend of mine…she sent me this pic of him at nap time. I love his little foot sticking out!


He doesn’t cry the entire time now, so that’s progress!