Little Junebugs.

by Amy M.


Playing with the coveted princesses before Eliza wakes up!


Peppa Pig in the morning. Less interested in helping with the laundry folding.


Jed refuses to eat in his high chair now…he must eat at the table with Eliza. We’re transitioning to everyone sitting at the same (big) table for meals soon. Who knows–maybe I’ll even be able to join!


Little Ron Burgundy.


Time to journal again!

Today was delightful because__________________.

Jed woke up at 6:00am and snuggled with me until 8:15.  Eliza and I shared a cupcake at Smallcakes.  Jimmy is feeling better.  The rest of us are healthy.  When I do something Eliza disagrees with, she tells me, “That’s ridiculous.”  The days are long, but filled with delightful moments!