Time to make a summer plan!

by Amy M.

Today was unusual in that we didn’t have any plans–no school, no playdates, no MOPS, errands, etc.  This may be a nice, relaxing break for older kids, but not so much for toddlers.  The day tends to drag on and on, even when we spend two hours at the park.  This is not helped by the fact that their naps are inconsistent and seldom coincide.  Eliza is getting much better at entertaining herself, but it’s difficult for her to draw/read/craft/play with toys when Jed is awake.  He wants to do whatever she is doing, and he’s a little demolition man!

As we approach summer, I’m realizing that structure and routine will be more important than ever so that our days will have a nice flow and we can all stay sane.  I’m thinking I’ll have to do the following things:  1)  Force myself to go to bed on time.  It’s ideal when I can wake up an hour before them so that I can take a shower and have coffee to get “in the zone,” as it were.
2)  Have them both up by 7:00.  Jed usually wakes up around 6:45, and Eliza sleeps until 8:00 sometimes.  Maybe if they both wake up at 7:00, I stand a better chance of getting them to nap around noon.  That way, they can sleep for 2-3 hours and still (hopefully) get to bed on time.
3) Have a schedule of activities and maybe even a weekly theme.  Themes are pretty easy to come up with for toddlers.  For example, we could do a “Bug” theme one week, where we go on bug hunts, check out bug books from the library, watch nature videos on Youtube, etc.  I guess it’s the teacher in me!

I’m open to suggestions!  Anyone have any ideas?




This tired little man refused to nap this afternoon, so we stayed outside to watch the tractor show behind our fence.


Such great entertainment for a two-year-old!


She found a snail and named her “Scarlett.”