by Amy M.

Jimmy’s been sick for the past couple days, and now it seems that Jed has caught it 😦

Once upon a time, before I had kids, I always wondered why things came to a standstill for a family when little bitty ones became (non life-threateningly) ill.  I mean, don’t they just watch TV, eat soup, and get waited on hand and foot?  What’s the big deal?

But now, I get it.  Take little Jed, for example.  When he isn’t feeling well, all he can do is cry and look pitiful.  He can’t tell me what’s wrong, and it’s hard for me to guess, especially if he isn’t coughing or running fever.  I’ll do anything in the world to ease his misery, of course, which will likely involve staying up all night with him, taking him to the doctor and waiting forever, and/or keeping him home from all activities.  And guess what–babies don’t much care about TV or soup!  Who knew?!  If we’re really lucky, neither Eliza nor I will get sick, which means I’m sleep-deprived and stuck at home all day with a restless toddler and a sick baby.  If Eliza gets sick, too….I don’t even want to go there.

Anyway, I’m sure it will pass quickly, and he’ll be back to his sweet, cuddly, active little self in no time.  In the meantime…ugh.

Moral of the story:  no pics today 😦