This guy.

by Amy M.

Eliza was pretty tired after school today and not really in the mood for pictures, but Jed wanted to share his cuteness:

DSC08789 DSC08790 DSC08792

He’s extremely active these days, and it’s amusing to watch him struggle to insert himself into groups of bigger kids.  Despite my best efforts, I simply can’t entertain him the way Eliza and her playmates do…I don’t stand a chance!

Today it occurred to me that he’s not willing to cuddle in my arms nearly as much as before.  He’d much rather dive headfirst into the fray of toys and other kids.  I’m happy that he’s social and independent, but I’m a little sad that he’s not my little koala bear anymore.  Fortunately, he still likes to be rocked to sleep for a few minutes, and he’ll turn his head toward me and gently fall asleep.  During these precious moments, I still get to hold him as long as Eliza let’s me I want 🙂