Pappy and GaGa!

by Amy M.

We had such a wonderful visit this past weekend!  Man, these kids sure are blessed…two beloved sets of grandparents who visit them regularly.  They are spoiled in the best possible way!

Pappy and GaGa were treated to several viewings of Frozen.  Though I’ve seen it a million times, it actually doesn’t get on my nerves too much.  It’s  visually impressive, the story is pretty good, and the songs aren’t terribly annoying.

Jed enjoyed showing off his new tricks (pulling up everywhere, rapidly crawling, taking Eliza’s toys, etc.)  He spends his entire day trying desperately to do whatever she’s doing, and he spends his entire night trying to con me into sleeping in the recliner with him because that’s his FAVORITE thing.  We really need to begin cry-it-out in earnest, but I just haven’t had the strength yet.  But it would be really, really awesome if he’d finally start sleeping through the night!

Also, he reminded me today that he can open cabinets.  I turned around for one second to make myself a bowl of cereal, when I heard something shatter.  He had pulled the blender out of the cabinet, and the pitcher had fallen to the ground!  I’ve been slacking with the childproof locks because Eliza lost interest in the cabinets long ago.  I won’t make that mistake again!

But with the challenges come enormous rewards.  Tonight, for example, Eliza climbed in the chair with me while I was rocking Jed, and she softly sang her favorite songs to him as he drifted off to sleep.  It was one of my favorite moments in life thus far.





Eliza is teaching GaGa how to do the “Let It Go” dance.  Man, these songs play on repeat in my sleep!





Sweetness. He’s still the cuddliest little guy.


Crafting with Pappy! We made Frozen snow with baking soda, shaving cream, and glitter. Elsa and Anna seemed to enjoy it.


Sprinkling snow on Olaf.

DSC08174 DSC08176


She wants to wear this nightgown around the clock.







A friend of mine shared this video yesterday, which I found absolutely hilarious!  If you have littles in the house, I’m sure you can relate!

My favorite quote–

Instead of saying “Good night,” we just say, “Good luck.”