It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

by Amy M.

Well this went exactly as expected:


Jed is bewildered and Eliza is terrified.

Poor little Jed!  He had several bad nights in a row, plus a fever, so I spent all Saturday afternoon at the urgent care clinic with him.  Turns out he has an ear infection.  With the help of some medicine, he’s doing much better now, thank goodness.



I still can’t believe he’s standing up everywhere!




DSC07982 DSC07993 DSC07996 DSC07998


Once she discovered it was edible and ate half the roof, she decided the Wiggles might like to move in:


DSC08016 DSC08025


She removes ornaments from the tree and wears them around the house as bracelets.





Oh, siblings. They alternate between fighting over toys and chasing each other around the house. Never a dull moment!


Bathtub Christmas village! She played with this for over an HOUR.  Thanks for the idea, Highlights magazine!