Fun-filled weekend!

by Amy M.

Against all common sense, we decided to take both babies to a showing of Oliver! at the community theater this past Friday.  A friend of mine met us there with her little girl, who is close in age to Eliza.

I was prepared to call the enterprise a success if we made it beyond the first 15 minutes.  But, lo!  We made it through the entire first act and 2/3 of Act II!  My drama-teaching heart grew three sizes that day!


We were sitting in the last row near the aisle/exit, so Eliza and my friend’s daughter could sing along and dance to the songs without disturbing anyone.  I’m glad we watched the movie a lot beforehand–she recognized most of the characters and songs (Mr. Bumble is her favorite).  Jed slept most of the time, which was his way of saying, “Everyone, please have a good time and enjoy yourselves.”


Exploring the lobby.



When she entered the theater, she slowly whispered, “Wow!”


Eliza only drew attention to herself at one point, when she exclaimed, “Uh-oh!” during an intense scene with the bad guy.  It was particularly well-timed, and the audience chuckled.  So that wasn’t too bad.  We finally left when she started getting really tired (it was almost nap time), and Jed was waking up and really wanting to crawl around.

I’m so proud of the kids!  It was a huge success 🙂

In other news, it officially feels like I have two toddlers in the house.  Jed isn’t walking yet, but he’s pulling up on everything and crawling super fast on his hands and knees now.  He can easily grab Eliza’s toys/ipad, and she can’t even escape him by climbing on the couch (he can reach everything).  It’s getting pretty crazy here!


Let me in, Sister!



Jed’s morning hair.





Oh, toddler-approved Christmas tree! Glad I didn’t bother with many ornaments!


JJ and Papa came to visit on Sunday, and we had such a lovely time!  Eliza began to develop a cold the night before, so she wasn’t feeling her best self, but she still enjoyed a dance of Jingle Bells with Jed and JJ.  Any day with beloved grandparents is a good day!

DSC07884 DSC07883

And last but not least, Nana Opal and Papa Truett got adorable little ornaments for the babies.  Eliza has been obsessed with The Nightmare Before Christmas since Halloween, so her ornament is a little Jack Skellington that plays “This is Halloween.”

She LOVES it.

Thanks, Nana and Papa Truett!