by Amy M.

It’s our first family vacation!

Tomorrow we begin our amazing journey to Minot, North Dakota to celebrate the wedding of Brian and Amy!  I have gone from being daunted to terrified to resigned to excited.  I’ve spent the entire day packing, and I finally feel prepared for this grand adventure.  Plus, we love Brian and Amy dearly, and we are incredibly happy for them, so that makes everything worthwhile.

I’ve had anxiety about Eliza’s behavior on the plane, but talking to other moms who have gone through this has made me more relaxed and confident.  My favorite piece of advice (and the most obvious) was my friend who encouraged me to focus on my own kids, and don’t worry about what other people are thinking.  Most of them are just grateful they can put on headphones and go about their business.  Another friend suggested lollipops, and another reminded me that the flight attendants serve special little bottles just for mommies!

I’ve packed all the activities and candy wholesome, nutritious foods I can think of, and our iPad has tons of shows and toddler apps, so ready or not–here we come!

Obviously, I won’t be blogging until next Tuesday.  Enjoy these pics until then!


Helping Mommy pack.


Enjoying an evening walk.


Practicing her trick-or-treating skills.  Oh, how she loves “Hoween.”

DSC07147 DSC07159 DSC07162 DSC07163 DSC07166 DSC07167