McDonald’s fun!

by Amy M.

We had such a great day today.  This morning, we went to a MOPS meeting with two very informative speakers–a pediatrician and a CPR instructor.  I’ve already taken the infant CPR class, but it was nice to have a refresher course.  She also reviewed what to do if a baby or toddler is choking, which, of course, is vital information.  It’s wonderful to be in a room filled with other moms who share their experiences and ask interesting questions.  One mom brought everyone to tears when she described the time her two-year-old son nearly drowned and would’ve died if her husband hadn’t immediately applied CPR.  So scary!

As for Eliza–her vocabulary is absolutely exploding right now.  She’s putting together sentences and beginning to express herself very effectively.  She’s also obsessed with all things Halloween, and she’s inspected every decoration at every house in the neighborhood.  I can’t even imagine how excited she’ll be about Christmas!

Jed is being a typical six-month-old–sitting up, laughing, eating, playing with toys, and trying to crawl.  He loves getting up on his hands and feet in a pushup position and moving forwards and backwards.  He’s super strong!  I’ll try to get a pic of that eventually.

I’m still working on that video…it’s taking awhile to upload.  Here are some pics ’til then:


Having a blast at the Playplace! She was actually very happy and smiley, but of course I wasn’t quick enough to get a pic of that.





He loves to watch his sister play. In no time at all, he’ll be joining her!