Feeling better.

by Amy M.

The babies are just a little under the weather, but they’re doing much better.  I kept Eliza home from Mother’s Day Out today because she woke in the night several times and I was worried she was getting a cough.

Turns out she was fine all day, aside from a runny nose.  Bonus: she didn’t even need a nap!  And we could play outside since the weather was beautiful.  Third night of bad sleep in a row + no nap from Eliza = tired Amy.  Oh, well!  It’s the job I signed up for 🙂

Can we just keep our kids in a plastic bubble until cold/flu/horrifying virus season is over?  Pretty please?

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You woke up at ____________.

HA!!  What a timely journal topic for today.  Well let’s see–between the two kids and their stuffy noses, I woke up at 10:15pm, 11:45,  1:30…I lost track after awhile.  I guess I officially woke for the day around 5:45.  I never knew it was possible to function on such broken sleep!