My little pumpkins.

by Amy M.

So thankful for these precious little ones!


I can’t believe he’s already feeding himself!


It finally occurred to me to change my camera to “sports setting” so I can take pics of Eliza while she’s zooming around the house.


Counting her little pumpkins from the pumpkin patch.

DSC06823 DSC06841 DSC06843 DSC06849 DSC06855 DSC06863 DSC06864




You have no patience for _________.

Shopping for clothes.

The kids are easy to shop for–they look adorable in everything.  I’m talking about clothes for myself.  My child-free minutes are precious and few, and the last thing I want spend them on is trying on clothes.  We’ll be going to a wedding in North Dakota soon, and I need a few more winter things, so I guess I need to go to TJ Maxx or something.  Do you think anyone will notice if I just wear my old maternity clothes?