Fall is here!

by Amy M.

We sure have enjoyed the lovely weather!  It’s an absolute joy to play outside without being miserably hot.  I hope we have more days like this!


Pointing out her two new caterpillar friends. She named them “Dack” and “Back.”


This little man is sitting up like a champ now! Can you believe he’s six months old?!


Eliza went on a nap strike today 😦


Sibling love!



Do you have any new friends?

I’ve made several amazing new mom friends now that Eliza attends school and MOPS has started back up.  It’s really nice to be around other women who are going through the  same crazy/beautiful life phase.  As many of you know, baby/toddlerhood is relentless, all-consuming, and magnificent.  It can be difficult to carve out adult time, and my mom friends really get that.  I’m grateful for the new ones I’ve made here in Corpus, and for my high school friends back in Southeast Texas.  I’m so happy I got to visit with them while we were there!