A road trip awaits!

by Amy M.

Just a heads-up, dear readers:  the babies and I will be going to Southeast Texas on Saturday with GaGa and Pappy (who are currently here in Corpus), and we’ll be there for two whole weeks!  We’re really going to miss our Corpus friends and activities, but I can’t wait to see our loved ones in SETX!  It will be Jed’s first trip, and he’s quite thrilled!

Eliza will be amazingly perfect for the entire car ride, because I believe in miracles.

Blogging will resume Monday, September 29 🙂







This is utterly confounding: _____________

Eliza refuses to eat toasted French bread topped with melted Brie and peach preserves, but she’ll happily gobble up Slade’s dog food if given the chance.  I don’t understand!