Cat videos and bravery.

by Amy M.

Eliza has a new obsession:  watching funny cat videos on Youtube.  She just absolutely cracks up at them!  She’s very much a cat-like child, so I guess she really connects with her spirit animal.





And Jed, of course, is much more of a puppy dog.



What comes to mind when you think of fear?

I think of the babies.  What makes them afraid?  What can I do about it?  How can I best help them to navigate the big wide world, which can be quite scary at times?  Eliza is very independent–she doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything aside from the doctor’s office. But sweet little Jed is so sensitive–he becomes devastated if Jimmy yells a little too loudly at a football game on TV!

I want my kids to be brave, wise, kind, and confident.  I guess the best way to achieve that is to model those qualities myself, so I suppose I’ll fake it ’til I make it:)