Busy little bees!

by Amy M.

They are the cutest!


He fell asleep like this in his pack ‘n play yesterday.


Watching kid-friendly Youtube videos together. Is it weird that one of Eliza’s favorites is an old episode of The Lawrence Welk Show? It’s the one where they do “The Bunny Hop” dance.


One of Eliza’s favorite chores was helping me to load clothes into the dryer.  Today, she decided this was more fun:

DSC05696 DSC05704


Today’s question:
What would you like to tell your father?

My answer:

Well Dad, what immediately popped into my head when I saw this question was simply THANK YOU.  No one is a perfect parent, but you are as close to perfect as a dad could possibly be.  Now that I’m a parent myself, I see how much work is involved, and I REALLY appreciate it.  I cannot recall a single moment in my life when you weren’t immediately there when I needed you.

Thanks for attending so many dance recitals and band/choir concerts.  Those were probably pretty boring.  Thanks for letting me host outrageous slumber parties.  Thanks for making up bedtime stories about green slime.  Thanks for teaching me to drive because Mom was too scared.  And teaching me to ride a bike.  And for helping me with electronics.  Sorry about that time we made fun of you for buying an iPod way back in 2001.  Of course, everyone in the USA had one two years later.

I could go on and on and on, but I’m pretty tired, as usual.

Does this make up for the Father’s Day card that I forgot to send?