Oh Naptime, Where Art Thou?

by Amy M.

This morning, we spent an hour and a half at Tumble Time, followed by a trip to the park.  I congratulated myself on my awesome mom skills because I felt sure Eliza would  come home and sleep for hours.

Turns out, I only exhausted myself!  Eliza has gone from napping regularly and beautifully to napping at unpredictable times or not at all.

Today was not at all.  She simply wasn’t tired…she trotted around the house in a splendid mood for the entire afternoon.  I, on the other hand, was worn out!

I think the most difficult thing about a day with no nap time is the fact that I’m unable to utilize my brain for something non-toddler-related.  Like reading a book.  Or having a phone conversation with someone in which I can actually focus on what they’re saying.

I’m not going down without a fight–I’m still instituting “quiet time” after lunch.  On that note, does anyone have any ideas for independent activities for an 18-month-old?  I need some inspiration!




Oh, how she loves to swing! Oh, how she screams when it’s time to leave!




Little Jed, on the other hand, took several 40-minute cat naps and one two-hour nap in the afternoon.  Because he loves me so.



I only want to be accommodating, Mom!