Well, we made it three years!

by Amy M.

On our last anniversary, I had just found out that I was pregnant with Jed.  Time flies!  And life is beautiful.


This is the best we could do tonight, picture-wise–a grainy selfie of two tired (but happy) parents!

Jimmy and I celebrated this evening by picking up sushi and watching Baby Einstein.  No sense in trying to go to a restaurant these days!

We went to toddler tumble time this morning.  Eliza headed straight for the balls, which she’s never done before.


Then she became obsessed with this alligator seesaw.  She parked herself on one end while an endless succession of other kids took turns hopping on the other end.



Jed didn’t really want to nap today, so he hung out with me while I caught up with my dear friend, Nicole, on the phone this afternoon.




She was entranced by my anniversary “fah wahs.”