by Amy M.

Since Jimmy took night duty last night, I was brave and well-rested enough to take both babies out by myself for the first time.  We went to story time at the library since several of my mom friends would be there to help in case I needed anything.  It was a great success!  Eliza hung in there even though it began at 10:30, which is her preferred nap time.  I’m so proud of all of us!

photo (17)

Sleepy heads.

Eliza has mastered  (her version) of the sign language for “all done.”  This brilliant idea of mine backfired, of course…she now uses this sign when she’s been in her high chair for three minutes.


All done! Time to play! But I’ll want a snack in five minutes.


Her favorite book! She wants us to read it to her about 35 times a day.






My two sons.