Last minute things!

by Amy M.

The baby boy will be here very soon, so we’re working hard to finish some chores before his arrival.  We ordered Eliza’s new furniture on Friday, Jimmy spent all day Saturday painting the (second) nursery, and we had a family trip to the dentist today.  She did really well at the appointment!  Her six teeth are lookin’ good!

Other fun facts:  her favorite word is “duck,” and her favorite song is Itsy Bitsy Spider.  I know it’s time to sing it to her when she puts the tips of her fingers together and gazes at me.  So cute!


Cutie pie.

photo (12)

So cold outside!

photo (11)

She’s pretty excited about her new big girl bed!


Waiting patiently at the dentist. Watching Sesame Street helps.


She has a house full of toys. What does she like to play with? My dust rags.



On a completely unrelated note–I don’t really care about the Olympics, but a friend of mine recently shared this pic and it cracked me up!  Comment below if you don’t “get” it.

putin on a ritz