Good friends, good times.

by Amy M.

Sorry I didn’t post anything this past Thursday night.  We went to dinner with some friends and their precious baby Oliver, and I was too tired when we got home.  Thanks for your patience!

Our friends Brian and Amy, who recently became engaged, stayed with us for the weekend, and we had a fantastic time!  Yesterday, the guys watched football with Eliza while Amy and I got pedicures and went to the movies.  So perfect!  They are such a fun couple.  We’ll be going to their wedding in November 2014, which means that we’ll be flying to North Dakota with two babies (Jimmy is the best man and Eliza is a flower girl).  I can’t even imagine what that will be like!

In other news, Eliza has FINALLY decided to start crawling!  She is going everywhere and getting into everything.  I’ll try to post a video tomorrow night.


Eliza refuses to wait until Christmas to open her presents.


She loves Brian! She lounged in his lap like this for almost an hour!