A visit to the doctor’s office.

by Amy M.

I didn’t get around to taking a pic today, but I did take Eliza to a prenatal appointment with me for the first time while Jimmy was at work.  She was surprisingly patient!  While we were waiting, we rolled around the exam room on the doctor’s wheeled stool, which she really enjoyed.  When she got tired of that, I read all of the helpful posters and diagrams aloud to her.  Now she knows all about the female anatomy, the childbirth process, and what happens during a pap smear!  Awesome!  She wanted to play with the little plastic uterus and fallopian tubes, but that seemed weird so I didn’t let her do that.

In case you’re wondering, the baby boy is doing great!  Eliza was entranced by the sound of his heartbeat, which was a really sweet moment.  I’m currently 27 weeks along, and this pregnancy is just speeding right on by!  I’m sure he’ll be a wonderfully relaxed and chill baby who sleeps all the time and never cries.  This is only fair because Eliza has always been on the, shall we say, exacting side.  In her defense, however, she has been extremely good-natured lately, though her nights haven’t been great.  She slept exactly one hour ALL DAY today.  Don’t babies need more sleep than that?  I know I do!