O, Christmas Tree!

by Amy M.

We had a terrific play date at a new friend’s house this morning, which completely wore Eliza out.  I had a chance to trim the tree while she was napping, and I’m pretty happy with the gaudy awesome results!

I’m a little obsessed with deco mesh at the moment because it’s so easy to work with.  This huge tree entirely overwhelms our living room…just how I like it!  So far, Eliza isn’t too concerned with the ornaments, but that might change.  We’ll have to watch her closely!  She doesn’t crawl exactly, but she can easily get where she wants to go through a combination of rolling and scooting.

DSC02968 DSC02969

And these are our stockings!  I actually made them myself (with a great deal of help from Amanda, my very crafty friend who owns a sewing machine).


Figured I might as well make one for baby boy since I probably won’t have time next year!