In case you haven’t heard…

by Amy M.

This is happening!  And we are thrilled:)

DSC02898I really think Eliza will love having a little dude to boss around play with!  Since we’re already in babyland, we figured why not add another to the mix?  We wanted them close together in age, so here goes!  They’ll be 14 months apart, which seems awesome.  We’re gearing up for a wild ride!

I’m planning to keep the blog going when the little guy arrives, but please be forgiving if my entries are filled with misspellings and awkward phrases.  I feel dazed and half asleep when I blog as it is, and I’m sure another baby will make it even more difficult!  But this is becoming an interactive baby book of sorts, which is terrific since I’m definitely no scrapbooker.

Hopefully, this picture doesn’t betray her true feelings about her brother:



She was getting a bit antsy this afternoon, so we figured she might like a trip to Tons of Fun (a building filled with giant inflatable bouncy things for kids).  She loves being tossed around and playing rough, so it seemed like the perfect outing.  Except that it wasn’t–she was terrified and clutched onto us for dear life.  She didn’t like it at all!  We were quite surprised.  She screamed if we put her down!  I guess it was kinda nice for us since she doesn’t usually like to give hugs.

DSC02905 DSC02904DSC02907