An uncommonly rainy day.

by Amy M.

It actually rained on and off for the entire day today!  I think it’s the fourth rainy day we’ve experienced since we moved here a year ago.

Living here in Corpus brings to mind that outstanding Ray Bradbury story called “All Summer in a Day,” except we have unrelenting heat and sunshine instead of rain.  It’s nice to have an overcast break once in a while.  Maybe I’ll write my own science fiction story about it.

Eliza and I amused ourselves by finishing the first season of Upstairs Downstairsa classic British show from the early 1970s.  It’s just as good as Downton Abbey…in some ways even better.

Practicing her British accent. I think she’s saying “‘Ello, Guvnah!” or maybe “Tally ho!”

A baby wearing bluejeans makes my heart smile.

Best (and messiest) teething toy ever.