Grandparents’ weekend.

by Amy M.

We LOVE it when grandparents (and an awesome aunt) come to town!

Eliza giving Dane some love.

Hanging out with Papa.

And she’s enjoying her new jumper!  I hope so, anyway…it takes up 1/3 of our living room.

DSC01901 DSC01899

On Sunday, we met some friends at the Aquarium.  Eliza was moderately impressed with the Wild Flight Show.

DSC01892 DSC01893DSC01894

Later that day, Granny and Pappy brought their new RV to a campsite in Port Aransas.  We had an excellent dinner at a at German restaurant called Marcel’s.

DSC01910 DSC01907

While we were at the restaurant, Eliza began to get cranky.  Finally, Jimmy figured out what she wanted:

DSC01914 DSC01915

The delicious, homemade bread made her SO HAPPY!  I get it–bread makes me happy, too:)