Hanging out at Ma’s house!

by Amy M.




We sure do love these wonderful people:)

Happy great grandmother!

DSC01762 DSC01765 DSC01769


Love you, Granny!

DSC01773 DSC01774 DSC01777

Fun with Uncle Danny


This girl LOVES dogs.

And fun with Aunt Michele!

Ashlyn and Cousin Dominic

Dominic and his daddy

DSC01790 DSC01793 DSC01795 DSC01796 DSC01797 DSC01799 DSC01801 DSC01803 DSC01805


Also, in case you’re interested, our road trip theme song was “I Have a Song to Sing, O” by Peter, Paul and Mary.  We loved singing it together in the car!  OK maybe it was more like me singing while Eliza was forced to listen.  Anyway, she seemed happy:)