Call the Midwife

by Amy M.

Yesterday I mentioned how much I love Call the Midwife, a British show currently airing on PBS.  Set in the 1950s, the show follows a group of nuns and midwives as they assist working-class families in London’s East End.  It’s a fascinating peek into a world before epidurals, ultrasounds, and routine inductions and c-sections.  What makes the show outstanding, however, are the characters and their stories.  It’s a nice mixture of seriousness and lightheartedness, and I cry tears of happiness or despair by the end of every single episode.  I daresay it will pack an emotional punch regardless of whether you’ve given birth or not.  Check it out!  And then call me straightaway so we can discuss it:)

The first season is available on Netflix, and the second season can be viewed for free on the PBS website.

And here’s another pic from Mother’s Day weekend.  This is right before Eliza’s usual bedtime, so she’s looking quite sleepy.