April Showers

by Amy M.

Since we had a rare weekend with nothing scheduled, Jimmy took the opportunity to beautify our yard while Eliza and I supervised.  I must say–he did an excellent job!

Mr. Plant Man

BEFORE. Also, Slade’s butt.

AFTER. Lovely!

bottlebrush trees, hibiscus, and lantana


It will be so much fun to watch this little garden grow.  The orchid I bought at the Botanical Gardens two weeks ago is still alive(!), so I have faith in our ability to maintain the yard.  Jimmy enjoyed this project so much that we’re already discussing plans for the backyard.  Can’t wait!

Eliza is still a rather, um, opinionated little baby, but she is smiling, smiling, smiling (despite the pictures below), and she makes all sorts of interesting noises.  She’s also grasping objects, gaining control of her arms, and holding her head up for longer periods of time.  It’s amazing to observe.

Chunky monkey!

Yard work is kind of boring, Dad.

I’m in heaven right now.  Eliza has fallen asleep in her Rock ‘n Play right next to me.  We’re listening to Jewel’s lullaby album, which is absolutely beautiful.  I can see the lightning and faintly hear thunder from an approaching storm.  It’s a gorgeous, peaceful night.

Oh, and we’re grateful that the furlough absurdity lasted a grand total of one week.  Turns out people hate flight delays.  Who knew?

Here’s a sample from Jewel’s lullaby album.  Good night, everyone!