Now an Anglophile post!

by Amy M.

Eliza may be a Francophile, but I’m definitely an Anglophile.  As such, I’ve discovered a terrific event for the two of us to attend this Saturday:

“All Children” includes three-month-olds. And 29-year-olds.

The Corpus Christi Public Library system and Barnes and Noble frequently host these story time events for kids, which is fantastic.  I can’t wait until Eliza gets old enough to enjoy these!  And I’m glad we live in such a kid-friendly place:)

Coincidentally, I received a DELIGHTFUL invitation in the mail today for a Downton Abbey-themed afternoon tea!  Guests are asked to dress up as their favorite character from any season, and a photographer will be present.  Now that’s my kind of party!  Alas, Tracie’s wedding is the same day.  So many obligations!

On an unrelated note, Slade loves Sophie the Giraffe even more than Eliza does.  He sneakily retrieves it from her bassinet and chews on it ever so carefully to avoid it squeaking.  I caught him with Sophie several times today.  Only once did I catch him because I heard it squeak.  Cheeky devil!  This overpriced teething toy is definitely NOT for the dog.

And now a picture of Eliza in a cute outfit: