Elle aime le français.

by Amy M.

Eliza is fond of all things French.  I know this because she LOVES the song Alouete,” and she’s delighted with Sophie la girafe, the toy pictured below.  She battles occasional moments of ennui, and I’m fairly certain that I’ve witnessed her in the throes of une crise existentielle  (she was really cranky yesterday).  Based on these facts, it’s logical to conclude that she’s a Francophile, at least for now.

I’ve been hearing about Sophie la girafe for a long time.  It’s (supposedly) the greatest teething toy in existence, and it’s been on the market since 1961.  It squeaks loudly and is made of a rubbery substance that is tremendously enjoyable for teething babies. Eliza really likes to chew on it, but she’s equally pleased with her own fingers right now, so she may not be the best test subject.

I guess I’d better start collecting some French children’s books (I already own Le Petit Prince).  I hope Eliza picks up some of the language!  Because the logical second language to teach a child in Corpus Christi, TX is le français.