Slow and Steady

by Amy M.

It’s the final countdown!  We had another appointment today, and we got lots of great news.  Baby is healthy, active, head-down, and growing!  So now…we wait.  My due date is this Tuesday, and my doctor will let me go two weeks past.  If Eliza hasn’t made her debut by then, we’ll discuss other means of eviction.  I really hope she comes on her own, but she seems to be enjoying herself in my uterus.

In the meantime, I’m trying to keep as busy as possible.  I’ve washed and organized the baby clothes, sterilized the bottles, and researched everything imaginable.  I can’t run too many errands because I tire out quickly, but I don’t like being stuck at home, either, so I’m getting pretty stir-crazy.  At least I’ve had time to catch some great movies.  (By the way–Beasts of the Southern Wild and Moonrise Kingdom are both excellent!)  I know it sounds ridiculous to complain about having free time, but these last few days are dragging.  People keep telling me to “enjoy being able to sleep,” but pregnancy insomnia + backaches + bathroom breaks conspire against me.  Perhaps these don’t compare to late night/early morning feedings.  We’ll soon find out!  Jimmy is handling my crankiness remarkably well.  I’m happy to have such a patient husband!

39 Weeks

39 weeks 1 day.  Slade is keen to meet his little sister!

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Poor Edith!  She usually gets on my nerves, but I really felt sorry for her.  That’s every bride’s worst nightmare!  How humiliating!  She should move to London and open up a pub or something.  She needs more excitement, and her family is kind of mean to her anyway.