A Storybook Nursery

by Amy M.

For those of you who don’t know, I have a mild obsession with children’s books.  For the first time in my life, I can justify collecting them AND displaying them in my home!  Yay!  If you have any book recommendations, please share!

After considering several ideas for a nursery theme, I stumbled upon a website explaining how to create shelves from rain gutters  (I don’t remember the exact site, so just google “rain gutter bookshelves” if you’re interested).  I know the concept seems strange, but they came out beautifully!  They’re not the strongest shelves, so I can’t pile on many books at once, but I don’t mind changing them out every so often.

Jimmy gets the credit for building the shelves, assembling the furniture, and painting the walls and ceiling.  He also assembled every other baby contraption in our house.  So yeah–he’s a pretty awesome baby daddy.



Many of the decorations came from the baby shower, and I’m so grateful for them!

Funny aside for those who aren’t grossed out by childbirth:

My What to Expect When You’re Expecting app suggested that it’s time to start doing perineum massages to minimize tearing (don’t google “perineum” if you’re squeamish or on a work computer).  When I shared this info with Jimmy, he observed that “perineum” sounded like the name of a lovely flower, like geranium or chrysanthemum.

So I’ll leave you with the beautiful image of a perineum garden.