Sing Songs, Bring Sweets

Bear with me…

I’m still in the process of unpacking and catching my breath, so I’ll post pics from the trip tomorrow night.  We had a blast!  Stay tuned!

A road trip awaits!

Just a heads-up, dear readers:  the babies and I will be going to Southeast Texas on Saturday with GaGa and Pappy (who are currently here in Corpus), and we’ll be there for two whole weeks!  We’re really going to miss our Corpus friends and activities, but I can’t wait to see our loved ones in SETX!  It will be Jed’s first trip, and he’s quite thrilled!

Eliza will be amazingly perfect for the entire car ride, because I believe in miracles.

Blogging will resume Monday, September 29 :-)







This is utterly confounding: _____________

Eliza refuses to eat toasted French bread topped with melted Brie and peach preserves, but she’ll happily gobble up Slade’s dog food if given the chance.  I don’t understand!

Too tired.

Sorry guys…I’m just too tired to blog tonight.  Check back tomorrow!

Cat videos and bravery.

Eliza has a new obsession:  watching funny cat videos on Youtube.  She just absolutely cracks up at them!  She’s very much a cat-like child, so I guess she really connects with her spirit animal.





And Jed, of course, is much more of a puppy dog.



What comes to mind when you think of fear?

I think of the babies.  What makes them afraid?  What can I do about it?  How can I best help them to navigate the big wide world, which can be quite scary at times?  Eliza is very independent–she doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything aside from the doctor’s office. But sweet little Jed is so sensitive–he becomes devastated if Jimmy yells a little too loudly at a football game on TV!

I want my kids to be brave, wise, kind, and confident.  I guess the best way to achieve that is to model those qualities myself, so I suppose I’ll fake it ’til I make it:)

Two little loves.

The babies are growing up alarmingly quickly!

Jed is eating baby food now, and he has slept from 8:00pm-5:30am for the past four nights in a row!  Is it too soon to get my hopes up??  Also, why am I still so tired?













Who are you jealous of?

For the past few years, I’ve made a conscious effort to switch my mindset to gratitude when feelings of jealousy crop up.  I’m finally to the point where this happens for me (almost) automatically, and I can’t tell you how liberating it is!  One of my favorite bloggers hits the nail on the head.

But since the question specifically asks who I am jealous of, I guess I’d have to say anyone with loving parents/in-laws who live close by.  Because holy cow, that would be awesome.

And I ‘m grateful for both sets of our loving parents who make the long trip to Corpus as often as they do:)

Unrelated,  but this cracked me up: 13 Motivational Posters That All Parents Need




Great day.

Eliza had another excellent day at school, and Jed took another long afternoon nap.  Score!

When she gets home in the afternoon, she wants to watch The Wiggles, which is her new favorite show.  In case you’re unfamiliar, the show basically consists of a group of friendly Australians who love to sing and dance.  So we have a pretty awesome dance party in the living room every afternoon.

She calls it “Wiggas,” which cracks me up.






I get to stare at this face during our evening walks. It’s pretty much the greatest thing ever!


Where do you see yourself in five years?

To tell you the truth, it’s bittersweet for me to think about that.  Eliza and Jed will both be in school..they won’t be little babies anymore :(

At the same time, I’m ever so excited to watch them grow up together.  Eliza has taught me that each stage of development is more exciting than the last, so it’s truly a joy to witness the growth and changes.  Each day, more of her unique “essence” is revealed (if that makes any sense), which is thrilling to behold.  It’s the same for Jed, of course.

So to answer the question, I’ll probably still be doing what I’m doing now–trying my best to figure out this whole “motherhood” thing, except hopefully we’ll all be sleeping through the night by then:)


Dragons and tantrums.

We went to Barnes and Noble for story time today, but Eliza wasn’t the least bit interested in it.

She took a break from throwing tantrums to organize the dragons:






I’m not sure why she’s been extra tantrum-prone lately, but it sure is exhausting!  At least she’s sweet and happy in the afternoon/evening when she awakens from her nap.

We did meet an interesting French nanny today–her job is to teach French to her charge, a little boy who is two months younger than Eliza.  He also has a Spanish nanny.  Posh, right?

Eliza doesn’t have two language nannies, but we do occasionally watch Dora the Explorer.  Does that count?


Mr. Happiness.


Where have you found evidence of a higher power?

Ooh, that’s a deep one.  During this particular time of my life, I frequently find evidence of a higher power in the everyday moments.  As a matter of fact, today is a great example:

I got very little sleep last night because Jed awoke frequently.  Nonetheless, I woke up with Jed (to start the day), downed my coffee, cooked breakfast, changed diapers, dressed the kids, packed the bag, and got us to Barnes and Noble just in time for story time, which Eliza (as mentioned above) found utterly abhorrent.  All in all, a pretty frantic and stressful morning.

As I was rocking a squirmy Jed, I whispered a small request:

Dear God,
I could really use a little break.  If you could see fit for the babies to nap simultaneously today, I’d be quite grateful.  Thanks!

Jed, who hasn’t napped for longer than a 40 minute stretch for the past few weeks (and seldom at the same time as Eliza), slept from 12:20-2:45.  Eliza slept from 1:15-3:30.  I got a magical break and felt restored and happy for the afternoon!  Awesome.

In the grand scheme of things, this probably doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it meant the world to me today.  So yeah–I’ll thank a Higher Power for that:)

Playtime for Jed.

Jed spent some quality time with his pals while Eliza was at Mother’s Day Out.  He had a blast!



Is your home/apartment clean?

My main goal is to keep the house on a cleanliness scale somewhere between “not disgusting” and “organized chaos.” After the kids go to bed, I spend about an hour cleaning because our small home will quickly look like an episode of Hoarders if I don’t.  Despite my efforts, dog hair tumbleweeds are usually plentiful and practically everything could use a good dusting.  But you see, if I REALLY cleaned everything that needed to be cleaned each night, there would be no time for this delightful blog!  Fair tradeoff,  if you ask me.

So I guess the answer to this question just really depends on one’s definition of “clean.”

Pas de don’t.

We were so happy to welcome JJ and Papa for a wonderful visit on Friday!  And they got to witness Jed consume his first real food (watermelon).  He loved it!




He loves his JJ!


So sweet!


Saloonkeeper Jed only serves whiskey.



Grocery shopping with JJ.

On Saturday morning, I thought it might be fun to take Eliza to her very first ballet class.  Boy, was I wrong!  Again, I apologize for the blurriness…this girl is never still!


We arrived a bit early, and she really enjoyed exploring the room. Once class began, however, she was Miss Crankypants.



First, she was mad because she couldn’t bring a toy scooter thing from the waiting room onto the dance floor.  Then, she was cranky because she was hungry.  Then, she was really mad because she couldn’t bring her snacks to the dance floor.  Then, we left.

The class itself was adorable…we’ll try again next week.  If it doesn’t go any better, then we’ll give up for now and try again in the spring.

I’m rather surprised she didn’t like it!  The songs and movements were so cute, and the teachers were wonderful.  Oh, well!

After her nap, she spent the entire afternoon dancing to the Grease soundtrack in the kitchen.  Maybe she just didn’t care for the song selections at dance class?



Her mood for 44 of the 45 minutes of class.


Teacher or student?

Absolutely both!  I spend every second of my day either teaching or learning.  The babies have taught me so many things–here are a few I can think of at the moment:

-How to survive (and occasionally thrive!), with little to no sleep.
-How to finish my meal in 30 seconds or less.
-How to take the generous amount of patience with which I am already blessed and expand it tremendously.
-How to transform mundane objects into thrilling sources of amusement (I’m thinking of the time Eliza played with a box of Q-tips for two hours).
-On a similar note, how to be creative.  Confession:  this sometimes means that I (creatively) think of something, and then I find someone on Etsy who can make (create) it for me.
-Most importantly, they’ve taught me how to be a person who is less selfish, more loving, and more open-minded.  The most beautiful sound in the world is hearing Eliza say, “Mama!”  I can’t wait to hear it from Jed!

Things I’ve taught them:
(I’m told that most of Big Things gradually reveal themselves over time, but these are a few concrete things I can think of in my tiredness and delirium):

Eliza’s contributions:
-If you scream loud enough at HEB, Mama will let you eat a banana from the shopping cart.  This will make you incredibly happy, even though you don’t care about bananas when offered one at home.
-If you tee tee on the potty, Mama will perform an erratic, frenzied dance with lots of clapping at the end.
-If you go through the tedious process of loading clothes into the dryer, Mama will let you push the magical “start” button.  But only once.
-If you bring Mama a book, she will literally stop whatever she’s doing and sit down on the floor with you to read it.
-If you don’t eat much at your meals, you get to have more snacks throughout the day.
-If you find yourself bored at a restaurant, start whining.  BAM!  You get to walk around outside!

Jed’s contributions:
-If you need to cuddle during the day, make a few pitiful noises.
-If you need to cuddle during the night, make a few pitiful noises.  Bonus if you’re hungry–feedings prolong the nighttime cuddles.

Victory dance.

Eliza is forcing me to improve my photography skills…90% of the pics I take of her look like this:



But here are a couple good ones:


Today was school picture day.



She’s really loving her little school.  Her teacher said she chatters, sings, and is generally happy all day long.  She also takes excellent naps there (when I send Ray Ray, of course)!  When I arrived to pick her up, she had carefully arranged a “picnic” for her friends in the class with play food and dishes.  So cute!



As always, Jed enjoyed having Mommy all to himself.



How would you describe your victory dance?

I don’t really have a dance to celebrate my own personal accomplishments, but I do have an excellent “tee tee on the potty” dance for Eliza.  It involves a lot of screaming, clapping, and jumping up and down.  I’m not sure if it’s helping or hindering her potty training, to be honest.



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