Sing Songs, Bring Sweets

Happy Easter from the babies!



His eyes are always on his sister.





Well hello there, Easter Bunny!

Eliza was delighted to observe him from a distance, but she was less enthused about sitting on his lap:

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Jed was too little to pose with the Easter bunny, but he was happy to pose with this adorable sock monkey from Uncle Danny and Aunt Michele:









Many people have asked how Eliza is adjusting to being a big sister.  To be honest, Jimmy and I feared the worst–we expected lots of jealousy and tantrums.  I’m happy to report that she has proven us wrong, at least for the time being!  She’s fascinated with Jed–she’s very gentle with him, she loves to talk to him, and she shares her toys and snacks with him.  When he gets fussy, she immediately says, “Baby!” and crawls toward his bassinet to check on him.  She even gives him hugs and kisses, which is the sweetest thing ever!  She has quickly learned to amuse herself or watch patiently while I’m tending to him.  In fact, her overall temperament has changed for the better!  I know there will be plenty of challenging behavior (from both of them) in the future, but I’m very grateful for the happy present!

Having two babies is certainly difficult, as you can imagine, but I’m absolutely loving it.  Jed isn’t even close to sleeping through the night yet, but I’m surviving because of Jimmy (and his cooperative work schedule) and coffee.  We’re gradually developing a rhythm to the day and really bonding as a family of four, which has been a wonderful experience.  The day seems to fly by…I almost feel like I’m teaching again!

By far the most difficult thing is taking them out and about by myself.  It can be daunting, but I’ve found that my confidence increases with each trip.  We’re going to attempt Wal-Mart tomorrow…I’ll let you know how it goes!  I really hope to pick back up with our weekday social schedule as soon as possible.  Eliza and I both miss our activities and friends!


Great pic taken by Uncle Michael.


She’s obsessed with this crown! Thanks so much, Nicole R.!



What is he plotting in his sleep?


Jed meets Uncle Michael!

We’re so glad Uncle Michael made it to Corpus for a visit this weekend.  The kids adore him:)













Being silly with Daddy:

DSC00767 DSC00766 DSC00765

We’ll miss you, Granny!

We just loved having Granny stay with us for the past few days!  It’s so nice to have an extra set of hands, and hanging out with Mom is always fantastic.  Jed, aka Mr. Cuddles, really enjoyed being held pretty much the entire day!  And Eliza adored the extra attention, too!


And Eliza is finally beginning to discover the wonders of walking.  This is happening now:



And here she is standing up unassisted:


It’s only a matter of time now!  I’m guessing she’s a late walker because she’s extremely independent and dislikes grasping our hands.  Also, she has tiny feet and legs (she still wears a size 2 or 3 shoe!).

And here’s a brother/sister moment:


Combing brother’s hair!

And we really cracked up over this article.  I bet all parents can relate:

Life is sweet.

We love hanging around with Granny!  Plus, she watched the babies while Jimmy and I had a lovely date night at one of our favorite restaurants.  Life really is sweet!


Oh, he loves his Granny!


I call him Mr. Cuddles.


Cupcake time! Mmmmm!


Digging in!

Music class with Granny!

Granny and Jed (not the Beverly Hillbillies ones) joined us at music class today…everybody had a blast!  We’ve really missed going for the past two weeks.  And there’s a new student in the class named Amadeus, which may be the coolest-named baby I’ve ever met.  Alas, it’s too busy and chaotic to take pictures while we’re there.

And another mom friend brought us food tonight!  Corpus moms are the best:)

DSC00731 DSC00735 DSC00737

Granny’s in town!

And the grandbabies are so happy!




Making silly faces at Granny!



Yes, this is a happy face!








Since Jimmy took night duty last night, I was brave and well-rested enough to take both babies out by myself for the first time.  We went to story time at the library since several of my mom friends would be there to help in case I needed anything.  It was a great success!  Eliza hung in there even though it began at 10:30, which is her preferred nap time.  I’m so proud of all of us!

photo (17)

Sleepy heads.

Eliza has mastered  (her version) of the sign language for “all done.”  This brilliant idea of mine backfired, of course…she now uses this sign when she’s been in her high chair for three minutes.


All done! Time to play! But I’ll want a snack in five minutes.


Her favorite book! She wants us to read it to her about 35 times a day.






My two sons.

Too tired to take pics today.

I was up all night with Jed, then up all day with Eliza, so pictures didn’t happen.  Jimmy’s taking night duty today, so I’ll (hopefully) have more energy tomorrow!  Good night, everyone!


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