Sing Songs, Bring Sweets

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had so much fun with our good friends!  And boy howdy, do we have a lot to be thankful for!

This morning, Eliza helped me bake a pie.  She didn’t double my workload at all!



You may wonder why I keep allowing her to make giant messes on the floor. I’ve been wondering the same thing!



On a related note, why do my pecan pies always turn out really hard on top and soupy in the middle?  What am I doing wrong?  I suck at baking pies.






Kids’ table!


Jed absolutely loves Presley.

DSC07763 DSC07766


All worn out.


Beautiful day.

And we really enjoyed it!



He supervised my baking today. Only Jed is man enough for a pink walker toy.


Time to frolic!

DSC07729 DSC07738 DSC07739

Uncle Michael!

Michael stopped by for a visit, and we were so happy to see him!  We had so much fun hanging out and catching up.

Eliza played hard to get with him the entire time, but she was absolutely devastated when it was time for him to leave.  She’s such an unpredictable little thing!



8 months old!

Jed’s first haircut went well!

The barber kept his marvelous hair rather shaggy (as I requested), but she got it out of his eyes.  Success!


If you look closely, you can see Slade pooping in the background.

DSC07621 DSC07637
I had a recurring nightmare that he would end up looking like Moe from The Three Stooges, but fortunately that didn’t happen.  He looks like one of the Beatles now, which is just fine.




Love, love me do!


You know I love you!


I’ll always be true!

So please……


Love me, do.

I can’t believe he’s already eight months old.  He’s absolutely desperate to do whatever Eliza is doing, and he’s extremely sensitive to her every sound and movement.  When he is completely surrounded by toys, he will army-crawl across the living room at a shockingly fast rate to grab whatever Eliza is playing with.

The only way I can get him down for a nap when she’s awake is if I turn on Peppa Pig in the living room and pray she doesn’t make a sound while I’m rocking him.  Sometimes, I just give up!

He’s always idolized her, but now that he’s getting really mobile, she’s becoming much more interested in him.  The BEST thing is when the two of them burst out laughing together.  It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

What makes him laugh more than anything is when Eliza is doing something she shouldn’t, like jumping off furniture or throwing things.  They’re already ganging up on me!  I realize it won’t always be this cute.




Long, beautiful hair!

Well Jed’s getting his first haircut this weekend.  I’ve put it off as long as possible.  I’m pretty sad about it, but I’m also tired of pushing hair out of his eyes.  We’ve reached a critical point where he needs either a cut or a ponytail.  So a cut it is!

I never in a million years imagined we would produce a child with hair like this!

Also, he’s eight months old today :-)




Enjoying library story time while Eliza is at school.





Perfect fall day.

Spent a nice, relaxing day with these two lovelies:


DSC07519 DSC07480 DSC07498



Didn’t take any pics today.

Check back tomorrow!

GaGa and Pappy!

Thanks for coming to visit us, GaGa and Pappy!  Your new RV is pretty sweet!


Too big for brother’s toys.


Keeping warm with Daddy.



Such a playful little cat!



Finger painting with old makeup. Turns out, it’s really hard to clean.


Thanksgiving time!

Gosh–I hope all of you are staying warm!  I have to admit, I love this cold weather, even though I seem to be perpetually sick and exhausted these days.  It really puts me in the mood for the holidays!

Speaking of exhausted, did you notice that I put “five generations” as a picture caption in my blog post on Tuesday?!  That’s the degree of my mom brain at the moment.  I can’t even count anymore.  I’ve since corrected it because I was embarrassed.

Eliza had a Thanksgiving program at school today, and it was just adorable!  After the kids sang their little songs, they served a tasty lunch for all of the guests.

I learned an important lesson, however–it’s best if Eliza doesn’t see me in the audience.  Because then she goes from being happily content to whining and fussing for me.  So I plan to hide during the Christmas program!


He’s ready to go to school with sister today!



Eliza and her classmates.


I love these lil hats!


She wanted to climb onstage during each performance. A lollipop placated her for a few seconds.



Finally–she can play onstage!





A centenarian in the family!

I’m so tired that I almost wrote “a centurion in the family.”  Which would also be cool.

Anyway, we journeyed to Kingwood and Nacogdoches this past weekend to visit with Jimmy’s side of the family and celebrate his Papa’s 100th birthday!  How awesome is that??!   We had a truly wonderful time, and I’m so glad we were able to make the trip.

I’m so grateful to Jessica for taking these amazing pictures:


Sweet cousins.


Happy Birthday, Papa!


I love this one!


Four generations!

IMG_8252 IMG_8254 IMG_8263 IMG_8273 IMG_8275 IMG_8277 IMG_8286


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