Sing Songs, Bring Sweets


I’m way too tired to post pics tonight.  Sorry, readers!  I promise I have some video in the works, though!

I’m frantically trying to prepare for our upcoming trip, and it’s kind of wearing me out.  I think I have enough cold weather clothes for all of us now, so that’s good.

On an unrelated note–

Usually when I pick Eliza up from MDO, she squeals with delight upon seeing me and reaches for my arms.  Today, however, she was having so much fun racing around the room and laughing with her friends, that she didn’t even care when I arrived!  She didn’t want to leave!  Makes me proud and sad at the same time :-(

McDonald’s fun!

We had such a great day today.  This morning, we went to a MOPS meeting with two very informative speakers–a pediatrician and a CPR instructor.  I’ve already taken the infant CPR class, but it was nice to have a refresher course.  She also reviewed what to do if a baby or toddler is choking, which, of course, is vital information.  It’s wonderful to be in a room filled with other moms who share their experiences and ask interesting questions.  One mom brought everyone to tears when she described the time her two-year-old son nearly drowned and would’ve died if her husband hadn’t immediately applied CPR.  So scary!

As for Eliza–her vocabulary is absolutely exploding right now.  She’s putting together sentences and beginning to express herself very effectively.  She’s also obsessed with all things Halloween, and she’s inspected every decoration at every house in the neighborhood.  I can’t even imagine how excited she’ll be about Christmas!

Jed is being a typical six-month-old–sitting up, laughing, eating, playing with toys, and trying to crawl.  He loves getting up on his hands and feet in a pushup position and moving forwards and backwards.  He’s super strong!  I’ll try to get a pic of that eventually.

I’m still working on that video…it’s taking awhile to upload.  Here are some pics ’til then:


Having a blast at the Playplace! She was actually very happy and smiley, but of course I wasn’t quick enough to get a pic of that.





He loves to watch his sister play. In no time at all, he’ll be joining her!


Yeah, toast!

I’ve got some cute video of Eliza that I’m working on, but it’s not ready yet.

In the meantime, you can enjoy this bizarre and hilarious song that came on the kids’ satellite radio station this afternoon on our way home from school.  Eliza and I were cracking up!


Fun times at the fall festival.

Pumpkins everywhere!

She had a blast until she tripped and sprained her ankle.  Don’t worry–she’s fine!  Jed napped in the stroller the entire time.




Organizing the “quash.”



She stopped to have a quick dance in the parking lot.



When did she get so big?

Sorry these Jed pics are kinda blurry…




Happy, happy baby.



Watching sister paint.




Feeling better.

The babies are just a little under the weather, but they’re doing much better.  I kept Eliza home from Mother’s Day Out today because she woke in the night several times and I was worried she was getting a cough.

Turns out she was fine all day, aside from a runny nose.  Bonus: she didn’t even need a nap!  And we could play outside since the weather was beautiful.  Third night of bad sleep in a row + no nap from Eliza = tired Amy.  Oh, well!  It’s the job I signed up for :-)

Can we just keep our kids in a plastic bubble until cold/flu/horrifying virus season is over?  Pretty please?

DSC06895 DSC06910 DSC06939 DSC06941 DSC06946 DSC06957



You woke up at ____________.

HA!!  What a timely journal topic for today.  Well let’s see–between the two kids and their stuffy noses, I woke up at 10:15pm, 11:45,  1:30…I lost track after awhile.  I guess I officially woke for the day around 5:45.  I never knew it was possible to function on such broken sleep!


Sorry I’ve slacked on the blog last night and tonight.  The babies have stuffy noses, so I haven’t had much sleep lately :-(

We should (hopefully) be back on track tomorrow!

My little pumpkins.

So thankful for these precious little ones!


I can’t believe he’s already feeding himself!


It finally occurred to me to change my camera to “sports setting” so I can take pics of Eliza while she’s zooming around the house.


Counting her little pumpkins from the pumpkin patch.

DSC06823 DSC06841 DSC06843 DSC06849 DSC06855 DSC06863 DSC06864




You have no patience for _________.

Shopping for clothes.

The kids are easy to shop for–they look adorable in everything.  I’m talking about clothes for myself.  My child-free minutes are precious and few, and the last thing I want spend them on is trying on clothes.  We’ll be going to a wedding in North Dakota soon, and I need a few more winter things, so I guess I need to go to TJ Maxx or something.  Do you think anyone will notice if I just wear my old maternity clothes?

Baby Derek.

Derek is one of my favorite shows on Netflix (starring Ricky Gervais).  Here is Jed dressed as the main character:

DSC06671 DSC06676

If you haven’t watched the show…you should!  It’s just hilarious.


I love this time of year.

And Eliza loves Halloween decorations!  She loves seeing “punkees” and “goats” everywhere!


“Hi, Goat! Whooooo!”


What is your biggest dream?

I have several:

For my children to grow up to be kind, hardworking, brave, and happy.

For everyone I love to enjoy good health for many, many years.

For a house elf to magically appear and stay forever.


Eliza’s teacher texted me during school today.  She wanted to let me know that Eliza and one of her friends caught the giggles and couldn’t stop laughing at each other.   Gosh, I wish I could’ve seen that!  I bet it was adorable!


She absolutely loves Mother’s Day Out, which makes me so happy!  In the mornings, when I say, “It’s time to go to school!”, her face lights up and she RUNS to the front door.  I hope she’s always this enthusiastic about school!

Jedster and I had a great time hanging out while she was there:

DSC06588 DSC06589



Are you happy with your choices today?

I sure am!

The house is a mess, I haven’t even completely unpacked from our trip yet, and the bathrooms really need a good scourging.  But you know what I did while Eliza was at school? I took Jed to library storytime, I ate a leisurely lunch, I surfed the internet, I read a book, and I practiced piano.  Today more than compensated for Eliza’s refusal to nap yesterday.

I’m REALLY happy with my choices today.

Speaking of surfing the internet, here are two gems I found:

Funny Parenting Tweets (I can relate to several of these.)

It’s Like They Know Us (This blogger finds random stock photos on the internet and adds HILARIOUS captions.  I guess you need a special sense of humor for this.)





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