Sing Songs, Bring Sweets

Victory dance.

Eliza is forcing me to improve my photography skills…90% of the pics I take of her look like this:



But here are a couple good ones:


Today was school picture day.



She’s really loving her little school.  Her teacher said she chatters, sings, and is generally happy all day long.  She also takes excellent naps there (when I send Ray Ray, of course)!  When I arrived to pick her up, she had carefully arranged a “picnic” for her friends in the class with play food and dishes.  So cute!



As always, Jed enjoyed having Mommy all to himself.



How would you describe your victory dance?

I don’t really have a dance to celebrate my own personal accomplishments, but I do have an excellent “tee tee on the potty” dance for Eliza.  It involves a lot of screaming, clapping, and jumping up and down.  I’m not sure if it’s helping or hindering her potty training, to be honest.


Sweet girl.

Love her bunches!

DSC05785 DSC05791


When was the last time you worked out?

Oh, geez…my entire day feels like one long workout.  I spend most of my day running back and forth between (and carrying) two adorably demanding babies, and I hoist the 35 lb double stroller in and out of the car several times a day.  Wearing Jed around in the Ergo Baby transforms household chores into an impressive workout.  Even when Eliza is at Mother’s Day Out, I run around the house like a crazy person doing the chores that are impossible to do while she’s home.  Now that I think about it, the only extended time I spend sitting down takes place after bedtime when I sit down to write this blog.

It sure beats the gym!

On a (somewhat) unrelated note, I agree with just about everything on this list:

21 Things that No Longer Bother You After Having Kids



DSC05665 DSC05666 DSC05667 DSC05712 DSC05730 DSC05739 DSC05741 DSC05746

DSC05748 DSC05757 DSC05771 DSC05774

What’s the best part about your life right now?

Well that’s easy to answer!  It’s being with my babies all day and watching them grow up before my very eyes.

Busy little bees!

They are the cutest!


He fell asleep like this in his pack ‘n play yesterday.


Watching kid-friendly Youtube videos together. Is it weird that one of Eliza’s favorites is an old episode of The Lawrence Welk Show? It’s the one where they do “The Bunny Hop” dance.


One of Eliza’s favorite chores was helping me to load clothes into the dryer.  Today, she decided this was more fun:

DSC05696 DSC05704


Today’s question:
What would you like to tell your father?

My answer:

Well Dad, what immediately popped into my head when I saw this question was simply THANK YOU.  No one is a perfect parent, but you are as close to perfect as a dad could possibly be.  Now that I’m a parent myself, I see how much work is involved, and I REALLY appreciate it.  I cannot recall a single moment in my life when you weren’t immediately there when I needed you.

Thanks for attending so many dance recitals and band/choir concerts.  Those were probably pretty boring.  Thanks for letting me host outrageous slumber parties.  Thanks for making up bedtime stories about green slime.  Thanks for teaching me to drive because Mom was too scared.  And teaching me to ride a bike.  And for helping me with electronics.  Sorry about that time we made fun of you for buying an iPod way back in 2001.  Of course, everyone in the USA had one two years later.

I could go on and on and on, but I’m pretty tired, as usual.

Does this make up for the Father’s Day card that I forgot to send?

So tired.

Jed kept me up all night, so I’m extremely tired.  But here are today’s highlights:


Jed had an absolute blast and made new friends at baby story time.


Here’s Eliza’s daily report card from school. She was happy all day long–she didn’t even fuss when I dropped her off! Yay!!

In 140 characters or fewer, summarize your day.

My day technically began at 12:30 AM since Jed decided to wake up once every 30 minutes thereafter.  It was a very good day, but I’m exhausted.  I should’ve napped while Eliza was at school, but it’s such a great opportunity to catch up on errands.  I’ve likely exceeded the 140 character limit, but I don’t feel like counting the characters and there’s a reason why I don’t use Twitter.

Mom score!

Since Eliza loves to analyze and organize tchotchkes, I had this brilliant idea that she would like to visit a souvenir shop on North Padre Island today.

And I was right.  She had a blast!  And I had fun scurrying behind her while picking up her little piles of stuff.  She didn’t break a single thing or throw a tantrum.  Almost two hours.  BOOM.

Sorry the pics are fuzzy.  She is always on the move!






And guess who turned five months old today?


This guy!


He’s happy even when he’s sleepy.


Today’s question:
Whose team are you on?

My answer:
I’m not really a competitive person, unless it’s a trivia game.   So I guess I’m on the team of love and acceptance.  Maybe that’s why I always hated it when we were forced to play dodgeball during P.E.  Or any other sport, come to think of it.

For some reason, I was suddenly reminded of my favorite quote from Deep Thoughts with Jack Handey (does anyone remember that from Saturday Night Live)?

Instead of having “answers” on a math test, they should just call them “impressions,” and if you got a different “impression,” so what, can’t we all be brothers?

How can she be growing up so fast?

She loves her evening stroll through the neighborhood.  And I love watching her move so quickly on those little feet!  She’s never really still for a pic, so I do my best.


Admiring her treasures she found during her walk. Two rocks and one of those plastic top thingies that comes on a new stick of deodorant.

DSC05607 DSC05619 DSC05622


Today’s journal topic:
_________ really bothered you today.

Also, I keep meaning to add–please feel free to respond to the topic yourself in the comments!  I really love to hear from you readers out there.  I think some of these topics could inspire some really fun conversations.  

My answer:
After I dropped Eliza off at school, I realized that I had forgotten to put Ray Ray in her bag.  Consequently, she wasn’t able to nap.  This bothered me the whole time she was there:(

Also, the dishwasher occasionally refuses to dissolve those magic little pods, so I have to run the same load of dishes several times because I always forget to buy the powder.  First world problems.

And of course I’m bothered by Big Important Things in the news, like the situation in Ferguson, Rick Perry’s shenanigans, the Ebola epidemic, the fact that ALS exists, etc.

But on this day, I was mostly bothered about Ray Ray.


Night night, Ray Ray. 


I can already relate to several items on this list (31 Truths About Raising Kids that you Won’t Find in a Parenting Book).

Like #5.  She suddenly became ENTRANCED when the Ghostbusters song came on one day at Brinca.  I CAN’T WAIT to use #13 (“For your birthday!”).  #26 and #27 are true facts.  And I’m in the process of implementing #30.


Happy lil’ kids.



I love to be surprised by Baby Bobby’s new hiding places.


She loves peaches!


Putting stickers in brother’s hair.

DSC05552 DSC05569 DSC05575 DSC05580 DSC05590

And Jed finds his big sis hilarious!


Getting things done.

Q:  Did you complete everything on your to-do list for today?

A:  I don’t have time to write a to-do list.  I scribble things on a calendar, and I hastily enter reminders on my phone–does that count? 

Things have eased up a bit since Eliza has started Mother’s Day Out, which is really nice.  Today, I’ve decided that her time there will count as my “weekend,” per se.  I plan to enjoy this brief time while Jed doesn’t require a constant stream of activities.  I’m in the process of striking a balance between getting important things done and allowing myself to relax without feeling guilty.

According to her teachers, Eliza had an excellent day at school today.  She fussed briefly when I dropped her off, and she started fussing at the end of the day when the moms began to arrive, but she was completely fine for the time in between!  

She LOVES “kuh-keys” (cupcakes), so I thought it would be a great idea to stop at Smallcakes to celebrate her first two weeks of school:



And this was a great idea, until I realized that she had already eaten half of her enormous cupcake. I had to take it away because I didn’t want her to get sick…cue magnificent tantrum!



Jed hanging with Presley, his adorable little pal.


He loves the glow worm!


Simple gifts.

The babies blessed me with a delightful gift today:  they both went down for a nap at 12:30 and woke up at 2:30!


Smiley guy.


Relaxing with her iPad. And she rolled her eyes at the neighbor today. Sometimes I think she was born a teenager.


Sweet soul:)

This is miraculous because Jed has only been napping for 30-minute stretches lately.  Even though I got a magnificent two-hour block, and I’m beyond exhausted, I got no rest myself.  You see, both children were born with a magical naptime alarm clock that is programmed to activate when A) my head comes in contact with a pillow or B) I open a book or Kindle.  

Also, in an effort to actually write more on this blog, I found this neat book of journal prompts:


It’s a five-year journal–the same question is presented on August 13, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.  The idea is to see how much your life and perspective change over the years.

Today’s question:  
What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning?

My answer:
SLEEP!  I honestly don’t even remember the last time I slept in on a Saturday morning.  The babies don’t seem to realize when Saturday rolls around, and they are both up and ready to play between 7:00-7:30.  This really isn’t too bad of a wakeup time (as far as babies go), but Jed still wakes up several times a night, and I stay up too late reading.  How can I explain to them that Saturday mornings exist so that we can enjoy the luxury of staying in bed as long as we like?  Someone tell me how!


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